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Book Review: Shit Luck (2016)

Shit Luck by Tiffany Scandal
Genre: Bizarro/Horror/Comedy
Published by: Eraserhead Press
Release Date: November 18, 2016

It’s difficult to write a novel in second-person because the voice itself tends to distance the reader, combining that with the bizarro genre which tends to alienate some readers for its off the wall content and you have a recipe for disaster. Despite all of this SHIT LUCK happens to be inviting, warm, disgusting AND laugh out loud funny as hell. A fuck of a feat to pull off for any writer, but Tiffany Scandal nails it with aplomb.

Shit Luck follows the story of a nameless female protagonist having the worst couple days of her life: she burnt off a piece of her hair, she gets mugged, her car breaks down, she gets fired from her job of 6 years, and more. It follows Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And this gets worse later on in the story when her friend invites her  to a frat party to cheer her up after she lost her job, and she dies. No glitz or glamour, no crime. Frat Party. D E A D.

Unfortunately this isn’t the end of her luck, it’s just the start of a life after. Think of it like reincarnation, except you have no idea what life you’ll get, where you’ll be, or what year it is (a nice caveat is that you get to keep your own body). For instance, being reincarnated into a world where the only way you can go through any door successfully is by crab-walking. A little bit more into the narrative she dies. Again. Killed by a man she saw at the party. The exact same man.

And, so, a very strange and bloody cat and mouse chase begins with being killed and being sort of brought back to the life after time and time again.

Tiffany Scandal works magic into these strange scenarios and zany worlds. In between the wacky stuff going on in the narrative there are times where the character says something so deep and personal it harkens back one of the best things about this book: relatability. How we all deal with the bad, sometimes terrible things that life throws at it, the way life sucks ass and things don’t ever go right for you, how your love life is falling apart or not going at all, how you just wanna get laid, etc. It’s all in here.

This is one of the rare books that is just funny. No holds barred, laugh out loud funny with all the gruesome murder, period blood shooting out of you, a bitch of a mom, an actual baby-man. It’s a book that moves in breakneck speed that demands to be read in one sitting (I did).

SHIT LUCK is my first book by Tiffany Scandal, but it won’t be my last, that’s for sure. Look out for those (THERE’S NO HAPPY ENDING, and JIGSAW YOUTH) sometime in the near future.


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