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Micro-review: Serious Moonlight by Amanda Gowin & Craig Wallwork

Serious Moonlight is comprised of “The Aquarium” by Amanda Gowin and “Stilled Longing” by Craig Wallwork. Both revel in love and the brutality of it in its execution, both in its physical manifestation in Gowin’s story, and emotional in Wallwork’s story. “The Aquarium” deals with a couple—Christoph, and an unnamed woman, the escalation of violence between them and outside of them, and how they transition to states of love. Both are murderers, one for hire (it seems), and the other for pleasure. It’s a dark, volatile little thing, but it handles sex, more violent/BDSM style kinks well. “Stilled Longing” is the tale of a woman born in strange circumstances, and the ways her slow, crippling physical disfigurement affect her view of the world. It also touches on the different kinds of familial love—the longing for it, the absence of it, and expressing those feelings.

All in all, they’re both beautiful stories. Well written, and the care for each story shines through. Definitely worth .99c and 25-30 minutes of your life.

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