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Month: July 2016

Song of the Day—July 30, 2016

by Christopher Novas

Oathbreaker has been a band since early 2008, and I’ve been loyally following them ever since they released their demo, and subsequent self titled EP in that year. Two albums later, leading into the new 3rd album Rheia (Sept. 30, Deathwish Inc.) and they’re as amazing as they ever were. Along the years they’ve cemented the fact that they are their own beast, never wavering in their attempt to assault your auditory senses. They’ve evolved their sound along the way, but remain undefinable in categorization, which is refreshing to hear in hardcore. They’re crushingly heavy while being melodic and hypnotic all at once. Enough of that though, here’s our latest song of the day, “Needles In Your Skin” off of their latest album Rheia. Enjoy!

To pre-order Rheia, head HERE
Oathbreaker’s Twitter
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James Blake – The Colour in Anything (2016)

by Milton De Aza

You might be asking yourself, James Blake the tennis player? The answer to that is NO!

The James Blake I wish to present you is the musician. James Blake hails from England, what I jokingly call, the land of good music. He has 3 albums which are all worth talking about, yet that is not the point of this post. There is one specific album of his that I wish to present to you — “The Colour in Anything“. It was released on May 6th of this year and it’s been incorporated into my everyday life ever since it came out, and it is absolutely glorious. The Colour in Anything is beautifully produced, every song in this album is relevant all the way through; the songs on this album are all engaging and ever changing, you won’t want to skip any track. This is honestly one of the few albums in my life where I find every song entertaining in different ways, yet I do not have any particular song that I can say blatantly that I dislike. All the tracks in this album feel quite different, despite the slow undertone that envelops the theme of this album. It is a very powerful album in terms of vocals, James Blake really pushes the limit of his voice and makes for some astounding melodies. This is a dark album so don’t expect any jolly pick up songs here, but I can assure you that it will creep into the darkest places of your heart and it will grip you. The themes of this album do lean heavily towards heartbreak and romance, you could say that this is the perfect album to listen if you had your heartbroken recently; yet the songs are not depressing, they carry such power in the beat and vocals that you just fall into a beautiful trance. Here’s the only song from the album with an actual music video, but please, do yourself the favor and listen to it completely.


Taken from ‘The Colour In Anything’ – out now:
Apple Music:

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Tentative Plans

Hello, readers! I know we’ve been gone for quite a while, in large part due to being so busy, and honestly just not having the time or energy to post on both our parts. But all of that will be changing! For now our tentative plans for the future is as follows—we will be posting new content 3 times a week, whether it be a review, song of the day, tech news/review, or pop culture commentary, etc. Our schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Our hope is that with this schedule in place we’ll be more disciplined to bring you content on a regular basis and gain more readers along the way. Thank you so much to the people that have taken the time out to check out our little slice of the internet.


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